Welcome to the 50 Lakes Bar & Bottle Shop

Liquor Store History ~ Toni Buchite

Municipal liquor stores came into existence after prohibition. The Fifty Lakes liquor store was started in 1949.  The purpose of a city owned liquor store is to control the use of alcohol and to contribute profits to the city coffers. This in turn  helps to keep your taxes down. Our liquor store has also served as meeting place for many groups over the years-Helping Hands Club-Card Clubs-Fire Department Meetings– and council meetings were even held at the bar in the early days, etc.

In 2005 the city opened a new facility a little to the north of the old building.  We have both on and off sale. On sale means that we have a bar where you can consume beverages at a bar. Off sale means that we have a store that you can purchase beverages to take home. The bar has Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 3pm-6pm with .50 off all drinks. The bottle shop offers monthly specials.

We have a “library” that has many books and sometimes movies to enjoy. You may take a book or movie and leave a book or movie. Don’t have one to leave-don’t worry -take a book or movie anyway. We never seem to run out.  I have no idea how or when this “library” got started but I remember my Mom bringing books home when I was a child.

We have 2 pool tables, 2 horseshoe courts, and video games for your enjoyment. We have a several large screen TVs to watch your favorite sports on and drinks specials to go along with those sports.

We have a meat raffle every Monday and Thursday at 5:30 with ticket sales starting at 4:30.  Thursday also is Bingo at 6pm. Jackpot is $1,000 every week!

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